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Week 13 – Portfolio Assignment

Portfolio Assignment:  A Review of Distributed & Open Learning Initiatives   Upon course completion, I have learned many key ideas about the integration of technology, inclusive learning styles and how education is vastly evolving and constantly changing. In a vision I… Continue Reading →

Week 12 – Show Case Post

Show Case Post:  Flexible and Inclusive Learning: An Extension  The main goal for educators today, is creating a sustainable learning environment that looks to encompass all of its learners, not just the majority of them. In many ways this course… Continue Reading →

Week 11 – Blog Post #4

(Photo from Oxford Learning) Flexible Learning for Open Education:  The main ideas of this weeks discussion center around the how we can make content more inclusive, which begins begins with understanding that alternative methods of creating content so that everyone… Continue Reading →

Week 9 – Reflection #3

Experience with Learning and Design:  To be frank, I have made quite a lot of online learning discoveries in the last couple of years my university career; many of them have been educational, some however, not so much (many online… Continue Reading →

Week 5 — OER Tutorial Reflection

Online Educational Resources Reflection:  A) The difference between Online Educational Content and Openly Licensed Educational Content: Meaning mostly that Online Educational Resources is a broad term used to categorize any kind of learning material that assists in students understanding and… Continue Reading →

Week 3, January 20th-26th

  Basic Overview Article #1 – This Article states that it is very important for educators to keep in mind where the direction of their class is centred. At some point or another it becomes apparent if the lesson is… Continue Reading →


Welcome to my inner thoughts about EDCI 339! I am a fourth year History Major with an Education Minor and I will be looking to graduate over the next two semesters. My passion about education stems from my dream to… Continue Reading →

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